Character Overview

With Digimon Singularity I wanted to embrace the spirit of Digimon Zero Two and the concept of different digidestined from all around the world. After all in Adventure, Zero Two, Tamers, Frontier, and Data Squad the kids come from the same place but travel all across the digital world. So when picking Digidestined, or Data Manipulators as they will be called in Singularity, I placed them across our world.

Ayari Candlemon (White).jpg

Ayari & Candlemon

Ayari, upon arriving in the digital world, was partnered with Candlemon. The fifteen year old girl hails from Japan, Kyoto to be exact, and is a blue belt in karate which she studies with her older brother. Outside of karate she has a healthy interest in fashion, evident by her favoured red leather jacket, and adores horror movies. Before being transported into the digital world Ayari was finishing up her karate practice and her phone began to beep and flash. Sure enough Ayari then woke up in the digital world with Demi-Meramon. 

She was present when, as David explains to Brian, the trio originally arrived in the digital world. While each member of the trio would have a different recollection of the events thirteen months ago Ayari, Johnny, and David would all agree that she did go AWOL after those events with Candlemon leaving the boys behind. 

Candlemon is a fire type digimon capable of floating by heating the flame above its head in a way similar to that of a hot air balloon. Candlemon digivolved from Demi-Meramon and digivolved into Meramon 13 months ago before thier disappearance. His attack, Paraffin Blast, fires fire at his enemy from its flame.   

Brian Tapirmon (White).png

Brian Camira & Tapirmon

Brian arrives in the digital world at the start of Volume One having only just been hanging out at home in Perth, Australia. Brian is the youngest of the humans known to Oasis City, at fourteen years old, and while initially terrified by everything in the city begins to adapt quickly. His adaptability is the quality that defines him the most as, back home, he is a talented wind surfer and has even competed in youth paragliding competitions. He has also spent time camping in the outback with his mum and dad so has dealt with dangerous animals most of his life. (Just not talking tapirs or Elvis impersonating monkeys)

Having only just arrived in the digital world his journey is only just beginning...

Tapirmon is an extremely excitable digimon, having been present when David, Johnny, and Ayari met their partners in Oasis City along with the other digimon, he feels that having Brian nearby is enough for him to be invincible. His attack, Nightmare Wind, launches a concussive virus blast from his mouth at his target that can knock out his enemies and send them to sleep.   

David Betamon (White).jpeg

David & Betamon

David arrived in the digital world with Ayari and Johnny and partnered with Betamon. David came from Manchester in England and has a healthy appetite for football, or soccer to Brian, and sailing having been part of the scouts in his early teens. David is 16 years old and, perhaps because of that, after the events of thirteen months ago started using his knowledge of card games and slight of hand tricks to hustle the digimon in Oasis City. Keeping his head down after Ayari left he and Johnny drifted further apart David believes that he is the lesser of the two evils and his behaviour is acceptable because Johnny and Drimogemon do much worse.

Because Betamon has a tendency to speak before thinking he was duped into giving more information to the invading Brian and Tapirmon that he probably would have prefered. Knowing that Brian would just have more questions he gave a brief explanation of the events of thirteen months ago before pushing the follow up questions out the door. Seeming to hold a great amount of disdain for the events of thirteen months ago David has seemingly evolved into looking after only himself and Betamon. 

Betamon has a habit of speaking fast and attacking even faster. Whether this is due to David's influence or something innate is yet to be seen. His slow and small rookie form leads to him being carried by David a lot and he and David are unsure what his champion form would be. 


Johnny was also part of the original trio that arrived in the digital world thirteen months ago and seemingly is the only one who's partner can maintain champion level for an extended period of time. The sixteen year old is from England, the same as David, and is currently hiding outside of Oasis City in his lair. In the human world Johnny is a computer and history wiz and even dabbles in mechanics as well. Despite spending thirteen months in the digital world, the same as David and Ayari who both have lost a lot of weight, he has maintained his shape thanks to Drimogemon and his will to take advantage of Oasis City. Both he and Drimogemon have slowly been descending into a life of crime, coming into the city and pillaging food and loose data from the occupants too scared to retaliate. 

When the trio arrived in the digital world Johnny partnered with an Armadillomon that would later digivolve into Drimogemon. Following the events of thirteen months ago and Ayari's disappearance Johnny and Drimogemon left the city and took up shelter in the out lying mountain caves that peaked out of the desert only coming into Oasis for food, drink, and loose data. 

Drimogemon is a slow witted digimon, the stark contrast to Betamon, and is happy to go along with Johnny's leadership so long as he gets fed. In the lair he de-digivolves back to armadillomon and regains his intelligence however Johnny makes sure he is kept at champion level as much as possible in case he, somehow, loses the ability to digivolve. Drimogemon's attack is Fossil Excavation, using his drill he splits the ground in front of him and launches dagger sharp rocks towards his target from the fissure.