Name: Ayari 

Age: 15

Hometown: Unknown

Favourite Food: Unknown


Ayari and Candlemon arrived in the digital world with David and Johnny thirteen months ago. While David and Johnny are both from the United Kingdom Ayari comes from Kyoto Japan. She has a healthy interest in Karate, already at the age of fifteen she is a green belt, and also in fashion as evident by her favourite red leather jacket. 

Right now most information about Ayari and Candlemon has been locked away from Brian and Tapirmon as David doesn't seem to want to talk about the events that took place thirteen months ago. All we know is Candlemon and Ayari left Oasis City after some kind of disagreement never to return. 

Maybe Brian was sent in to the Digital World to replace her role on the team?

Maybe she'll return with answers as to why they were all chosen?